Clinics and Services

ante natalAntenatal Clinic 
Monday afternoon, Thursday morning and Friday morning with the Community Midwife, Fiona Campbell.

Baby & Child Health

Your Health visitor is determined by your address and not at the practice.  They can be contacted on 01463 706700.

Our practice nurses run regular immunisation clinics, please contact reception for details and availability.

The GPs have postnatal clinic for mum's and babies where you can discuss all aspects of postnatal health and contraception options.  These times vary depending on the week - please contact reception to discuss.

Family Planning / Contraception
Advice and assistance on all types of contraception and sexual health are available from the practice nurses and the doctors. We currently offer long acting contraceptive options in addition to pills, condoms, diaphragms.  These are: coil insertions, contraceptive implants and injections, all of which are available at the practice during special appointments.

Emergency contraception "morning-after pill" or coil can  be obtained from the practice by appointment / advice line, NHS 24 or A&E if out of hours, Highland Brook or Highland Sexual health (01463 704202)

You can also approach your local pharmacy to discuss the "morning after pill".


The Physiotherapist works at Fairfield on Mondays and Thursdays. For more information on this service:


chdHealth Promotion/Education
We offer help and support for lifestyle changes relating to heart disease, asthma, diabetes, smoking, alcohol and nutrition/diet; please ask receptionist for an appointment.

Vaccinations for foreign travel
The practice nurses can advise on and administer vaccination for travel overseas in accordance with current recommended guidelines. The practice is a member of The British Travel Health Association.

Ideally vaccination should be started 8 weeks in advance of travelling, although accelerated courses can be organised.  Please make an appointment to see the practice nurse for travel advice  Please complete a Patient Travel Questionnaire in advance of your nurse appointment - you can obtain these from receptionist in advance of appointment or complete it online.

Certain travel advice / provision of vaccinations or prescriptions for these items are chargeable.  Please contact reception for details of charges.  These must be paid prior to your consultation if applicable.

Practice Nurses

The Practice Nurse offers a wide range of services including contraception advice, sexual health, cervical smears (screening), diabetes, travel health, lifestyle advice, wound management and chronic disease management.  Appointments can be made Monday - Friday to receive care and advice about all aspects of health.

We offer an advice service by telephone for you to speak to one of our nurses.  This service is available daily Monday- Friday.  Please contact reception to book a telephone consultation

Health Checks

Every new patient has the opportunity to arrange an appointment with the healthcare assistant for a new patient health check. 

If you have not had a consultation within the last 3 years with a clinician who works at the surgery you may wish to consider a health check with one of our healthcare assistants.

If you are over 75 you may wish to consider an annual health check with one of our practice nurses or healthcare assistants.

If you have any chronic disease eg: diabetes, asthma, epilepsy or high blood pressure you will be automatically invited for regular reviews.

We offer all general medical service and a range of extra service eg: minor surgery procedures, contraceptive implant / coil insertions, joint injections, specialist diabetic care and warfarin management.

We may also be able to provide a range of private medical services eg; medical / insurance reports, letters or form filling and private / HGV medical examinations.  Please note there may be a cost for these services. 
We can only provide these for our registered patients. Please contact reception for details.


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