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Around 80% of the prescriptions that your doctor provides are for long term or medium term conditions, and are referred to as "repeat prescriptions". As patients' medical conditions change or improve, then so will the medication they require.

Therefore, it is important that an effective system is in place to ensure that patients obtain the correct repeat prescription, when they require it, and that the medication is periodically reviewed by the doctor.

We at Fairfield Medical Practice hope that we have such a system in place, and that it is as easy as possible for patients; any comments or suggestions from you would be welcome. How to order a repeat prescription:

  1. Using the link above is the quickest and easiest way to re-order your medication online.
  2. By re-order form - either return this to the surgery (Box on Reception Desk) or to your chosen Pharmacy who will forward this to the surgery).  Most Pharmacies also offer a prescription collection service - Contact your chosen pharmacy to order your repeat prescription 1 week before you'll need your medication.  They will contact the surgery to arrange your prescription and then have your medicines ready for you to collect from the pharmacy.
    • Along with your repeat prescription you will receive an attached "order form", which you should keep safe till you require your next prescription.
    • When your drugs are starting to run low (never finished), tick the drugs which you require on the form.
    • If the drug you require is not on the form then write the name and strength of the drug on the form, and the doctor will check as to whether you still require that drug.
    • You can also fax the slip to us
  3. Should you not have the re-order form:
    • Come to the surgery
    • Complete a request form at the desk and place in the box for processing.
  4. E-mail your request:-

Please note that we do not accept prescription requests over the telephone

Also, we cannot process urgent prescriptions so please do not ask the reception team to do this for you

Should you require medication out of hours or require an urgent supply, please contact your local pharmacy

Collecting your prescription from surgery

Coronavirus update - at this time we ask that you collect prescriptions from a nominated Pharmacy rather than the GP surgery. Please indicate which Pharmacy you would like your prescription to go to when placing your order.

You will be asked for the name, address and date of birth of the person who the prescription has been made out for. You may also be required to say what medication is on the prescription.

If you do not want anyone to pick your prescriptions up for you then please let us know.

Requests placed for collection at your pharmacy will take 72 hours to be prepared

This time is needed to allow staff to prepare your prescription and for your doctor to check it is correct, or if your medicines need reviewing before a new prescription is signed.

Your doctor may ask you to make an appointment to see him/her, so that your medicine can be reviewed. This is nothing to worry about - your doctor will discuss your medicine with you to make sure the medicines you are taking are still the best ones for you.

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